Sendero Sulayr, Long distance footpath, GR240


This guide written by Fernando Castellon de la Hoz gives you detailed information about the circular route called Sulayr, the GR240, around the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Sulayr means mountain of the sun, the word the Arabs used when reffering to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Now it is the name given to the longest circular footbath in Andalusia and Spain, covering more than 300km. 

The path is divided into 19 sections, much of the path is above the altitude of 2000m. Each trail section is described in terms of the signposting of the itinerary, the difficulty of the trail, the amount of effort required in hours and the risks involved. The guide comes with detailed maps of the trail sections, scale 1:40.000 and with information about the history of the region, the flora and the fauna.

Editor: Editorial Penibética

Edition: 2009

Size: 14 x 22 cm

154 pages


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